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The VMware VirtualCenter Server service terminated with service-specific error 2 (0x2)

When trying to connect to vCenter through the vSphere Client, the connection attempt failed with error

vShere Client Error

 After investigations, it was discovered that the vCenter service stopped for no reasonable reason. Revising the VC server’s System Event Log, the next error was logged:

The VMware VirtualCenter Server service terminated with service-specific error 2 (0x2).

Event Log

Cause: You are trying to start the VC service before SQL Service starts.  The VC Service should automatically try to restart on its own after 5 minutes after starting the SQL Service.

Resolution: To avoid this and to ensure when trying to start the VC service that the SQL service will start automatically, follow these steps to configure services’ dependencies:

  1. Obtain the service name for your SQL Service – in Registry Editor, browse to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services and look for entries starting with MSSQL.  In all likelyhood, yours will be called either MSSQL or MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS (ignore MSSQLServerADHelper).
  2. Now browse to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\vpxd
  3. Open the REG_MULTI_SZ value called DependOnService
  4. Add a line called MSSQL$SQLEXPRESS (or whatever value you determined above)
  5. Ensure that the last line in the value is blank

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Troubleshooting a failed virtual machine conversion task

Conversions sometimes fail no matter how careful you are preparing the server. The failure can occur at various stages in the conversion process; these stages are based on the task bar percent and are estimated values.

  1. Creation of the target virtual machine (VM) (0%-5%)
  2. Preparing to Clone the Disk (5%-6%)
  3. Cloning (6%-95%)
  4. Post-cloning (95%-97%)
  5. Customization/Reconfiguration (97%-99%)
  6. Install Tools/Power On (99%-100%)

Converter creates a detailed log file during the conversion process which will contain exact errors pertaining to why the conversion failed. This log file is located on the server you are converting that is running the Converter agent, and is usually named vmware-converter-0.log and is located in the C:\Windows\temp\vmware-temp directory.

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